Freelance Travel Photography

Freelance travel photography is a simple approach to earn money with you guessed it-your camera. Even though you do not travel a lot or perhaps believe that you simply can't manage to freelance travel photography remains to be wealth creation alternative for the majority of us.

It is not necessary fancy products or a studio. In case you own a digital camera which takes top quality photographs a computer along with access to the internet, freelance travel photography remains a money making choice for a person.

You happen to be wondering if you can't find a way to travel and you also will not are now living in a very beautiful place just how can travel photography be a possibility in your case.

The easy fact is which although considerable travel or residing in a fascinating spot offers possiblity to receive top quality pictures, many people are now living in places that other people go to. Whether it's a new "regular city", a new travel tradition place, a small town environment, or possibly a province, an individual anywhere must make it as well as someone requirements images of one's city and the encircling regions to be used within: literature, sites, magazines, ezines as well as other guides.

This allows an opportunity for that you acquire photos in the specific location your geographical area. Furthermore whether or not we understand this you aren't, the majority of us live near place in which men and women interested in or even should travel to.

Understanding this should in a position one to start to make a generous earnings marketing travel photography. Need more very good news? Once you begin making revenue along with your new business, you'll be able to travel more frequently. In the event you may take photos while traveling do you know what? Marketing those also.Freelance travel photography is amongst the most effective ways to start an excellent enterprise which allows you the chance to work your personal hours and make a large earnings while traveling for you to spectacular locations.

Foundry Photojournalism Workshop 2013: Sarajevo!

Eric Beecroft, the co-founder of the Foundry Photojournalism Workshop, has just announced the tentative dates for the 2013 workshop which is to be held in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The door for Pre-Registration is already open!

The tentative dates for the workshop are July 14-20, 2013. The initial list of instructors consists of Ron Haviv, Robert King, Andrea Bruce, Maggie Steber, James Whitlow Delano, Alison Morley, Tewfic El Sawy, Paula Bronstein, Kael Alford, Thorne Anderson, Adriana Zehbrauskas and more to come.

The cost:

Local Tuition: $475. Any photographer from the Balkans/Former Ottoman Empire (Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Moldavia, Romania, Macedonia, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Cyprus 

BONUS: Anyone coming from South or Southeast Asia, since 2012 workshop was in Thailand, gets one year of locked-in tuition at: $475 for this year's workshop. 

Standard tuition: $975.

What are you waiting for?

The Travel Photographer's On His Way To Hanoi

I'm on my way to Hanoi to start my Vietnam: North Of The 16th Parallel Photo Expedition/Workshop.

During the coming two weeks, my posts will not be as frequent but I'll try to update my readers as to the progress of the workshop, and upload a few photographs.

Cedric Arnold: Sacred Ink

Photo © Cedric Arnold-All Rights Reserved

Having just spent some 10 days in Chiang Mai, I'm glad to have found Sacred Ink, the impressive work of photographer Cedric Arnold featuring the tattooing culture in Thailand.

The sacred tattoos in Thailand are much more than just an art form, and with a culture deeply rooted in superstition and spirituality, such tattoos are believed to have magical and healing powers. Thai men and also women have their sacred tattoos done at Buddhist temples, for protection against evil spirits, and as good luck charms.

Cedric Arnold's website tells us that these sacred tattoos can be scripts based on ancient Khmer, and the original Buddhist Pali, along with figures and mythical creatures. Using large-format and Polaroid cameras, formal black-and-white portraits were made of boxers, monks, construction workers, policemen, soldiers, taxi drivers, shipyards workers, a shaman, and tattoo masters.

A few years ago, I photographed at Wat Bang Phra, a Buddhist temple about half an hour's drive from Bangkok. It is here that every March 30 thousands of Thais and foreigners gather to watch or participate in the 'Sak Yant' festival. Sak means "tap tattoo" while Yant translates into "sacred design". 

After being granted permission by a head monk, I photographed during a non-festival day, a couple of Buddhist monks were already busy tattooing Thais. The 'sak yant' is done with a 'mai sak'- a long bamboo stick sharpened to a point. The ink is said to be made from various ingredients including snake venom, herbs and cigarette ash. I was told these was no payment made nor expected, but that gifts of cigarettes and food were accepted by the tattooing monks.

The above short clip is also by Cedric Arnold and I believe must have been filmed during the annual Sak Yant festival at the Wat Bang Phra temple.